‘depressed’ is overused (?)

I may come off as slightly anal but. I don’t know if it’s just me, or is ‘depressed’ so overused nowadays?

Very often, I hear someone say or tweet/ post a status saying, “Ugh I’m so depressed, I just screwed up my ___ exam/test.” or “No more ice cream at home! I’m so depressed!”

The word’s so overused that I think it is losing its severity. It’s a medical term and there are many people out there suffering from depression. But why does it seem like there are so many people out there who use the word so casually as a replacement for ‘sad/moody/upset/glum’ etc? Isn’t it insensitive to do so without actual understanding of the medical condition?

Sadness or moodswings are normal reactions everyone is bound to experience each day, whether it is due to disappointment or obstacles. Depression is when this feeling is amplified many times and does not fade. Like a long pitch-black tunnel, no form of light penetrating at all. It’s definitely more than facing an obstacle in life (like failing an exam) then feeling sad. And people who actually suffer from it are hindered from their daily activities. It can last for months, years.

I feel like this is why people who actually suffer from it don’t admit to it. Because they know people take it so lightly, simply because they don’t understand. And they might feel that since it’s so common, they’re not alone, maybe what they are suffering from isn’t that bad and doesn’t require help?

I don’t know man. Just my opinion. But ‘depressed’ is definitely not just an adjective. 

Maybe it’s just me.


One thought on “‘depressed’ is overused (?)

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